CSB2010 Best Paper and Best Poster Awards
Best Paper The John Wooley Award for Best Paper
Wei-Bung Wang and Tao Jiang
Department of Computer Science, University of California Riverside
"Inferring Haplotypes from Genotypes on a Pedigree with Mutations, Genotyping Errors and Missing Alleles"
Best Paper Best Poster Award
Meromit Singer1, Dario Boffelli2, Joseph Dhahbi2, Alexander Schoenhuth3,4, Gary P. Schroth5, David I.K. Martin2 and Lior Pachter3,4
Departments of 1Computer Science 3Mathematics and 4Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California Berkeley. 2Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Oakland, CA. 5Illumina Inc., Hayward, CA
"Genome-scale Methyltyping by Statistical Inference for Determining Methylation States in Populations"